Call Server Platform

LogicsWare Call Server Platform is a powerful solution for voice calls management, integration, billing, and control.

The system contains extensive products and modules that enrich the system with features and functionality for normal and business critical needs Based on MS-SQL Server Database Multi-Site collection via FTP, IP, Shared Databases (ODBC), RS232, and dial-up

Call Server Platform contains two categories

Call Server (EPIX)

Call Visor

 Call Management Server:

  • Real-Time Serial, IP LAN/WAN connectivity for the collection of CDR data
  • Real-Time Multiple-Site and Multiple-PBX data collection of many CDR data sources
  • E-Mail Reporting Module
  • Multiple pricing schemes
  • Quota Management Module
  • Active Directory synchronization

 Call Visor:

  • Support up to 2 PBXs
  • PMS/Hospitality ready
  • Multiple user accounts with Log On mode
  • MultiLanguage support
  • Remote Clients for administration ,Monitoring and Reporting
  • Fiendly GUI
  • Rich Reporting Modules export to differnet standard formats

 Automated Reports:

  • Several simultaneous users can generate reports at the same time, Report can be exported to Excel Sheet, Report
  • Can be saved as HTML page