Hotel Management Solution

A magnificent flexible user-defined hospitality solution that really grows with your business. A fully integrated front office system, restaurant point of sale, and a complete back office system. The system supports group and individual reservations, central reservation, multi-property handling, full guest history, traces & comments, travel agents contracts & rate codes, e-reservation, e-rooming-list direct entry by tour operators through web interface, automatic routing, allotments & committed reservations, market segments & source of business analysis, full audit trail.

The solution enables the interfaces with all third parties for all hospitality needs like telephone systems, house keeping, wake-up calls, pay TV, IP telephony, IP TV & Internet charges, electronic locks, guest cards with the possibility of applying different credit polices on in-house guests through the utilization of guest cards on point of sale, F&B full tracing enabling actual food cost calculation when using guest cards on POS even in all inclusive different patterns. The solution provides all types of required information, operational, analytical, financial & managerial. Also customized web reports can be executed automatically and e-mailed from the system on scheduled time plan for pre-defined email lists.

Key Features:
  • Multi Property & Central Reservation handling.
  • Full Interactive Guest History & Room History Traces & Comments.
  • On line changes log.
  • Handling all hospitality features with call account.
  • Handling guest cards for room charge e-signature & door locks.
  • Interface with TV Systems, IP Telephony, IP TV.
  • Internet Charges, and Pay TV.
  • On-line e-reservation & On-line e-rooming-List entry.
  • Customized web reporting to be e-mailed automatically through the system on scheduled time plan.
  • Variable Multi-level chart of accounts.
  • Multi-currency with automatic currency re-evaluation.
  • User defined financial statements.